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Marriage preparation

I offer marriage preparation consultation. This is for couples who are contemplating marriage, or an equivalent long-term commitment to each other. It is to help you explore areas that need to be thought about, and to avoid future problems. However, I will not be giving you a "verdict" as in yes or no, to whether you should tie the knot.

This is for one couple only -- it is not a group process. Also, this is not a church or Christian-based process, unlike many of the marriage preparation courses out there.

It is also not intended as a substitute for couples counselling. If you are already having big problems or conflicts that worry you, I may suggest that counselling would be more appropriate. This is more like an MOT check, not a major overhaul.

How it works

Step 1: I will send you an initial short questionnaire intended to get the basic life information, such as your ages and details of any existing children.

After that, step 2 is a more detailed questionnaire about typical areas where problems can arise. such as money, in-laws, children (actual or planned), sex, cultural differences, arguments, and so on. I may tailor this based on the information from step 1.

Finally, we will have four one-hour sessions where we discuss together what you've said, and I will ask you questions and perhaps ask you to do some exercises. At the moment, this will need to be on Zoom.

You can, of course, stop at any point.

Charges and practicalities

Step 1, the basic questionnaire, is free. Step 2, where I read your more detailed answers, costs £50. I encourage you to get good value by digging deep with your answers. Then the one-hour sessions cost £60 each. We can discuss the timing of these - they could be weekly, or every two weeks, for example.

Everything we discuss will be confidential.

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