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Privacy notice (GDPR)

If you email me or use the contact form on this website, I may hold your email address and the contents of your message in my email account for the purpose of being able to reply to you, confirm appointment times, and so on. This information will not be supplied to anyone else, and will not be added to a "database" or used for "mailshots" or marketing. Usually I will send only individual messages to you, unless for example I have to email all current clients to tell them that I am off sick.

I strongly request you not to include sensitive information, such as information about your problems, in emails or in the contact form, because I'm aware that email is not completely secure and people occasionally get "hacked".

If we have counselling sessions then I will ask you for your contact information so that I can get in touch with you, and I will keep brief written notes of our sessions on paper, for the purpose of reviewing and planning our conversations, and for supervision. These paper records will be stored under lock and key when not in use, and if/when they are destroyed, this will be by secure shredding. This information will only be disclosed under extreme circumstances, if I am legally required to do so (eg you tell me you are involved in money laundering) or if I have reason to suppose someone is at risk of serious harm (eg you tell me you intend to harm someone).

I also keep an appointments diary with an indication of our previous and future planned sessions - this diary does not contain your full name, contact details or anything about the issues. And I keep records of payments you have made to me, for the purpose of being able to complete my tax return.

Supervision: like ALL counsellors, I am required to have professional supervision, and to discuss some of my cases with my supervisor, who is bound by a professional code of conduct. I may discuss your situation with my supervisor, but will not give identifying information.

I also have a clinical executor who, only in the event of my death or incapacitation, will be given access to your contact details (but not case notes) in order to let you know what has happened, and discuss with you what needs you may then have. This person is a fully trained counsellor, with the same privacy obligations regarding your information.

The legal basis and purpose of holding all the above information is that it is necessary in order for me to be able to conduct therapy, and after the sessions have finished, to deal with and respond to any queries you may later raise. Information about you is not used for marketing or provided to anyone else other than as stated here.

You are always entitled to ask what information I am holding about you, and/or to request me not to contact you any further. You can contact me via the contact form or the email address both provided on this website.

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